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Hand lettering practice worksheet Months and days

Hand lettering practice worksheet Months and days

It's time to connect and practice new words!

Sometimes when we practice hand lettering, we might find a little hard connecting letters, that's why I've created this worksheet, to help you connect letters and build new words, this time writing the months and days of the week.

This worksheet is for all of you that love lettering and modern calligraphy, I hope you find it very useful on your daily practice with small brush marker tip. (recommend fudenosuke from Tombow or fude touch sign tip from Pentel)

Keep on practicing and enjoying your hand lettering journey, "If you do what you enjoy doing you'll never have to work hard. Mahatma Gandhi."

You will receive a digital file ready to print or to be uploaded on your tablet and start to practice right away. 

Please contact me if you have any questions about this listing or any other product of my shop. 

Thanks for stopping by Style and Calligraphy

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